ESCV Awards

1) The Gardner Lectureship: Annual Lectureship to be given by an eminent virologist, preferably but not essentially, with a central interest and practical experience in the field of diagnostic or clinical virology.

2) Heine-Medin Award: The Heine-Medin Award will be awarded to a young promising scientist who presents a paper at the Annual Meeting of the ESCV.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Applications for the Heine-Medin Award (to the ESCV and Vice President, Prof. Fausto Baldanti are much wellcome.

3) Abbott Diagnostics Award: is awarded annually for original contributions in the area of viral diagnosis. Only ESCV members within less than 10 active years in virology after receiving a PhD or MD degree, are eligible for the Award. Candidates for the Award must have been an author of one or more papers on viral diagnosis published in a refereed scientific journal during the two years prior to the nomination.

4) Biomérieux Award: The ESCV Award for Leadership in Syndromic Infectious Disease Testing, sponsored by bioMérieux, is awarded annually for contributions to syndromic testing in the area of viral diagnosis. Only ESCV members are eligible for the Award.

The criteria and rules are available at the European Society for Clinical Virology website