Industry-Sponsored Symposia

Thursday September 14
WS1 12.30-13.30 Auditorium to be defined
WS2 13.45-14.45 Auditorium Hologic
Clinical Accuracy and Evolution of Automation in Molecular
Diagnostics for Viral Testing
WS3 12.30-13.30 Room 1 Qiagen
Improving management of transplanted patients by combining viral load with specific cell-mediated immune response monitoring
WS4 13.45-14.45 Room 1 Biomerieux
The Impact of Fast Syndromic Testing on Patient Care
WS5 12.30-13.30 Room 2 Genmark
Rapid multiplex respiratory testing: A deeper look into the clinical impact of ePlex Respiratory Pathogen Panel in specific populations
WS6 13.45-14.45 Room 2 Vela Diagnostics
HIV Genotyping and Resistance Testing using Next-Generation Sequencing
Friday September 15
WS7 12.30-13.30 Auditorium Biomerieux
TorqueTenoVirus : A clinically relevant immune status biomarker for immunocompromised patients?
WS8 13.45-14.45 Auditorium Tecnogenetics
WS9 12.30-13.30 Room 1 to be defined
WS10 13.45-14.45 Room 1 Oxford Immunotec
New Developments in CMV Immune Monitoring and Preventive Strategies in HCT Recipients
WS11 12.30-13.30 Room2 Diasorin
The evolution of molecular testing at ACL augmented by the Diasorin LIAISON MDX
WS12 13.45-14.45 Room2 to be defined
Last Updated: 1st August 2017